hotels near zion national park

Hotels Near Zion National Park

When visiting Zion National Park, it is best to stay at the Zion Lodge at the park or at Springdale hotels outside the park entrance. Driftwood Lodge is one of the best value for money hotels in Zion National Park and one of Springdale’s most popular hotels. The Desert Pearl Inn is the first choice of accommodation in Zion National Park for family adventures and romantic getaways. It is nestled among the majestic Zion Cliffs on the banks of the Virgin River in Springdale.

Apartments in Zion National Park in Springdale offers visitors not only accommodation close to the park but also several places to dine and explore the city. Springdale is 0.6 miles (20 minutes walk) from the Zion NP visitor center and offers a good selection of accommodation, dining, shopping and other facilities. My personal favorites are the Zion Park Motel for a clean and affordable family getaway and the Cliffrose Lodge or Desert Pearl Inn for a more expensive resort style vacation.

Cliffrose Springdale, one of Springdale’s newest hotels, is part of Hilton hotel group and is one of the closest hotels to the entrance to Zion Park. If you’re looking for groceries, Sol Foods Market has two locations in Springdale – one in the mall next to the pedestrian entrance to Zion National Park and the other further down the road at 995 Zion Park Boulevard. Our favorite of Zion, Cable Mountain Lodge offers modern and comfortable rooms from studios and suites to Canyon Loft-style

The Zion Scenic Drive is only open to vehicles during the winter months (probably from November to March), so visitors will need to park or stay in Springdale and use the shuttle bus in other months. The views are spectacular and the location means the Zion Lodge is the only option for those who need to stay in the park and escape the morning crowds at the start of the trail.

The southern entrance to Zions (the closest entry to Zion Canyon) is located near the town of Springdale where over a dozen hotels are located. The hotel is one mile from the South Entrance to Zion National Park and within a short drive to Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon North Rim, Lake Powell and Best Animal Friends Sanctuary. Of all budget hotels in Zion this is the closest to the park entrance.

The Zion Canyon Visitors Bureau has a good list of Springdale hotels and motels as well as B & Bs in Springdale and nearby Rockville. This 3-star hotel enjoys a quiet location but easy access to shops and restaurants. It is 1.6 km from the entrance to Zion Park. Quality Inn’Suites Montclair is one of Springdale’s top selling hotels.

This historic hotel is a great place to stay in the heart of Zion Canyon, but it usually requires booking a few months in advance, especially during the busy summer months. Accommodation options range from hotels and motels to bed and breakfasts in the Zion area. The restaurants and shops of Springdales are also within walking distance. Springdale Hotels Springdale is the largest and most popular city near the park.

Several private campgrounds, such as Zion Crest Campground, are just a short drive from the park and are great places to spend a few nights in the area. Transfer between Springdale and the starting point of the park and the Zion Trail. Zion National Park is located in the southwest corner of Utah and is one of my favorite parks in the United States.

Guests at the Zion Lodge will receive an access code for the red badge entrance gate. This kid-friendly ranch features a Western-style wooden cabin with wood-panelled rooms, comfortable beds and 300 acres of breathtaking views, as well as pristine Utah water. The Virgin River flows along the edge of each campground, there are several campsites along the river with pleasant views and ambient sound to assist you to locate top-rated hotels near Springdale for your visit and bring you closer to the area’s best restaurants and attractions.

Hotel Booking Tips Beware of non-refundable bookings that can cost you money when changing or canceling them. The earlier you check into a hotel the more chances you have of a room or suite that suits your preferences.